Legacy Phone Services, LLC

"Providing Numbers That Work For You Since 1995"

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Legacy Phone Services, LLC (LPS) was founded in 1995 to provide descriptive phone numbers to business nationwide and in Canada. The staff at Legacy Phone Services could see clearly that the power of hundreds, sometimes thousands of business using the same (shared) descriptive phone number would create a powerful marketing tool that cannot be overcome by a single business using a numeric phone number, regardless of how much advertising they do.

 Each business has their very own exclusive and protected market area, where they are the only business using that phone number in their market for their product or service. Telling consumers what services your business provides with a phone number that is very easy to remember is a great way to attract new customers and build upon the loyalty of existing customers. In today’s extremely competitive business world, there is no substitute for making it easy  for consumers to remember your phone number.

 At LPS we learned quickly that we can help you keep your current and potentially new customers out of the phone book and off of the Internet where they will see your competition. We can help your business to thrive, strengthen customer loyalty and increase your profits by providing you a phone number that makes it easy for people to call your business.

 At Legacy Phone Services that’s what we do. “We Provide Phone Numbers That Work For You”!